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Installation notes for tmhmm version 2.0c

Web interface




  1. Download through web page + email and save in /programinstallers
  2. $ ver="2.0c"
  3. $ cd /usr/local/bin/
  4. $ tar -zxvf /programinstallers/tmhmm-$ver.Linux.tar.gz
  5. Make a version-independent symlink
    $ ln -s tmhmm-$ver tmhmm
  6. $ cd tmhmm
  7. "Insert the correct path for perl 5.x in the first line of the scripts bin/tmhmm and bin/ (if not /usr/local/bin/perl)."
    I have a symlink /usr/local/bin/perl -> /usr/bin/perl so don't need to modify them
  8. "Make sure you have an executable version of decodeanhmm in the bin directory."
    $ cd bin && ln -s decodeanhmm.Linux_x86_64 decodeanhmm && cd -
  9. Add to default PATH for all users
    $ sudo nano /etc/profile